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Innovative medical technologies for the best possible outcomes

Our comprehensive range of medical services is designed to meet the unique needs of our patients. With flexible scheduling and a patient-centric approach, we’re committed to providing the highest quality medical care to help our patients achieve and maintain their health and wellness.

  • Lab work/blood draw

We provide in-home medical care-65 years and older:

  • Annual Wellness Visits – Comprehensive history and physical, medication review

  • Health Risk Assessment – Comprehensive history and physical (home assessment/fall risk assessment, diet and nutrition, medication review, coordination of care with PCP, and other appropriate screening tests)

  • Chronic Care Management – Hypertension, Diabetes, CHF, COPD, Arthritis, medication management, and much more. Order medical equipment, point-of-care tests, coordination of care-social services, physical therapy, PCP, and meals on the wheel.

  • In-home Primary Care services (17 years and older):

    • Well Visits/Acute Illnesses – History and physical exam, Prescribe medications, flu shots, cough and colds, nausea, order lab tests, and diagnostic tests.
    • Referrals to specialists
    • Medication refill
  • Wound Care:

    • Post-surgical wounds, chronic and acute damages, pressure injuries, skin tear
    • Foot Care-fungal nails, ingrown toenails, joint pain
    • IV site, blood draw, colostomy, and Foley catheter care
  • Health Education:

    • Disease management and illness prevention
    • Recognize Symptoms
    • When to seek health care/advice
    • Medication management
    • Diet/nutrition
    • Healthy living-social interaction
    • Sleep, rest, exercise, and safety measures in the home

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